IDC Market Scape: Worldwide Modern Talent Acquisition Suites 2022 Vendor Assessment

Talent acquisition (TA) technologies and services are offered in abundance across a large variety of capability areas for recruiting. Talent acquisition specialist and talent management suite (TMS) vendors, while competing with each other, also contend with niche third-party solutions as they seek to engage clients in more technologies pushing the boundaries of innovation. At the same time, these providers need to offer robust integration with third-party applications that may offer similar services. This creates a competitor/collaborator ecosystem that is quite complex and difficult for clients to navigate. This study assesses modern talent acquisition suites vendors through the IDC MarketScape model. The research includes both quantitative and qualitative criteria that can be used to evaluate a vendor’s offerings as well as current and future success in the marketplace. Twenty talent acquisition vendors were analyzed through buyer feedback and vendor interviews. Vendors were evaluated on various criteria categories (detailed in the Appendix section), including user experience, core applicant tracking system (ATS), candidate relationship management, recruitment marketing, analytics, internal mobility, and onboarding.

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