12 Ways to Approach the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Challenge in 2023

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As cyberthreats continue to escalate, the need for cybersecurity talent grows. What can enterprises do to fill their much-needed cybersecurity positions?

A 2022 study from cybersecurity training and certifications non-profit the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)² found that the worldwide gap of cybersecurity workers totals 3.4 million. The need to fill those positions is unlikely to lessen in the near future and securing the right talent to stay ahead of threats can seem like an insurmountable task. “Because threats and technology are outpacing security capabilities, the most urgent skill sets of the future sometimes aren’t even identified yet, let alone taught at scale,” says Jennifer Addie, COO and strategy director at cyber accelerator program MACH37.

Yet, there are ways to secure and retain cybersecurity team members in the face of today’s challenges. Eight experts share how they view the need for cybersecurity talent and offer insight into strategies to fill the skills gap.

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