Effective Channels of Demand Generation

If you are a B2B SaaS marketer, it’s imperative to understand the various marketing channels for both Demand and Lead generation. With trends coming every year, it’s paramount to be updated with the latest and most effective channels to give you the utmost results. Let’s talk about the 4 most effective channels that are key to your B2B marketing strategy.


In the digital world where AI, automation, and other tools look so handy and have already become a great help to humankind, some of us are getting dependent on it. But Human Interaction still stands and proves that it can not be underestimated. Telemarketing is still one of the most prominent channels used by lead and demand gen providers because it offers a personalized touch, with real-time engagement and immediate feedback.

  1. For Demand Generation:- People think cold calls are useless nowadays, but with the right strategy and a genuine approach, it can be a valuable tool to create initial market awareness. It’s not limited to this; you can also leverage it to gauge market needs, promote your offerings, and get instant feedback. In demand generation, it can be a proactive approach to understanding and addressing client’s concerns.
  2. For Lead Generation:- Insights collected during the demand generation interaction; with the help of these insights, warm calls can be made to the leads who have shown interest. This on-one call can clarify doubts, provide customized solutions, and shorten the sales cycles.

Email marketing:

The power of Inbox remains one of the most personal and direct ways to communicate with your ideal customers. If you can understand email marketing to its full potential, it can offer a unique blend of formality and intimacy, making it an ideal channel for broad and targeted outreach engagement with your prospects.

  1. For Demand Generation:-  Crafting emails is a great way to introduce your brand formally and syndicate industry or product-related content such as eBooks and whitepapers to your targeted audience. It can help you promote your brand, build brand value, establish trust, and position your brand as an ideal thought leader. Properly utilizing email marketing can be your good friend in creating awareness and building your brand credibility in the market.
  2. For Email Generation:-  Email marketing has made a name for itself as a practical way to generate leads ever since the first email blast was sent in 1978. By utilizing email marketing, you can categorize your online marketing leads and deliver tailored content to maximize interaction. This approach reduces your advertising expenses and allows for measurable success through metrics such as open rates, delivery rates, subscriber retention rates, engagement time, and other key performance indicators

Digital platforms:

Today, we can use many digital tools to engage, convert, and educate potential clients.

  1. For Demand Generation:  From webinar registrations to creating podcasts, virtual event registrations to trade shows, you can position your brand strategically, create awareness, and capture demand. Promoting these through SEO strategies or partnerships can significantly expand your reach.
  2. For Lead Generation:  Custom landing pages with clear CTAs can be treasure boxes for lead information. These digital touchpoints can capture and nurture potential leads from webinar registration to ebook download or demo requests.

Social Media:

Social media has immense potential for reaching your ideal customers. You just need to figure out which and how to leverage social media for your offering. Sprout Social says that 9 out of 10 consumers will likely buy from the brands they follow on social media.

  1. For Demand Generation:- To create demand for your offering and capture interest, you can share insightful gated or ungated content. You can use this channel to educate your target audience. It’s about being where the conversations are and positioning your brand as a key player.
  2. For Lead Generation: You can always use platforms like LinkedIn for targeted outreach. These tools will help you to engage in direct messaging, or by using platform-specific tools like lead capture forms, you can capture the interest of potential leads and guide them toward your offerings