LogicForce Reduces Manual Asset Tracking Hours by Up to 75% Per Week

LogicForce was struggling with trying to keep track of the company’s assets through two different systems– both an Excel spreadsheet and internal accounting software.

The LogicForce team also had to manually visit their data centers or other locations where its assets were in order to tag them and record them all into the Excel spreadsheet and accounting software. These hassles were causing them to lose physical time and energy, assets (they would go because the company didn’t have any way to track assets in real time), and money.

Once Asset Panda was implemented into LogicForce’s internal operations, the company gained these results and benefits:

• Up to 3.5 hours saved per week from no longer having to conduct manual asset tracking

• Reduced theft and loss of assets

• Real-time, up-to-date asset information

• A clearer financial picture of assets and overall books

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