Evaluating Customer Service Software

How to choose a platform that delivers effortless experiences for your customers and agents

Evaluating customer service software can be hard. Even for the most experienced CX professional. After all, selecting the right customer service software requires juggling a wide range of priorities across the organization. Priorities defined by line-of-business (LOB) managers, contact center leaders, and IT teams. As someone leading the charge for change in your organization, here’s what you need to keep in mind to make the right choice:

Diverse stakeholder expectations:
Each business function has its own goals, needs, and objectives — and not all of these align with those of the customer service team. You can significantly enhance the evaluation process by gathering inputs and finding common ground.

Return on investment
For a software purchase, licensing costs are only the beginning. There are also customization, installation, and maintenance fees to consider. It’s important to be aware of the total cost of ownership when purchasing customer service software.

Clear business rationale
Just because a platform looks good, doesn’t mean you’ll love it. What makes this software the right choice for the business? Why does it beat out its competitors? When is it projected to yield returns? Be sure can answer these questions and have a clear, compelling business case.

Effort of implementation and use
No matter how robust a new platform may be, if it is difficult to implement or use, adoption and satisfaction will suffer. Hard-to-use customer service software impacts your agents’ ability to deliver effortless service experiences. The platform you choose must be easy and intuitive for your agents to navigate.

This buyer’s guide will help you select the right customer service software for your business — one that is is capable of delivering effortless customer service experiences and offers the fastest time-to-value.

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