Future-Proofing Compliance: Technology’s Role in Electronic Recordkeeping

Unlock the secrets to complying with recordkeeping regulations on mobile devices with our latest whitepaper

Finance, operations, IT, compliance, and other risk managers are increasingly turning to technology to navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape. The frequent introduction of new amendments and evolving regulations have managers focused on their financial institution’s exposure to costly liabilities, with monitoring employee behavior, catching unforeseen mistakes, and keeping up with developing compliance standards leaving financial institutions in a vulnerable position.

This white paper aims to arm financial institutions with the knowledge, insights, and technology that address their critical needs. Learn how to mitigate risk, enhance compliance, and streamline operations effectively with this whitepaper as your guide.

The whitepaper covers:

• The roles and requirements of the SEC and FINRA and explore how to maintain compliance amidst frequent amendments and evolving regulations

• Learn how T-Mobile MultiLine offers a robust, carrier-agnostic solution integrating text, Teams, and WhatsApp to simplify recordkeeping in a BYOD environment

• Gain actionable strategies for monitoring employee behavior, catching unforeseen mistakes, and adhering to developing compliance standards—essential for avoiding SEC and FINRA violations

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