How Security Can Fuel Innovation

As head of Product I’m responsible for making sure we have secure software to ship, that our IT Resilience platform is secure from code to Cloud. Our customers are very savvy and laserfocused on security. We need to be out ahead of questions we know they’re going to ask about our security posture. We are also taking a long view, making sure we have all the right security processes in place now for future growth and continuous compliance.” – Rob Stechay, SVP of Product, Zerto

Security at the Board Level, Are You Prepared?:

As applications become central to business operations, and risk, security is frequently a board-level topic. Board Directors and CEOs are seeking to better understand the risk profile and the and the security posture of the company. The questions include:

• What is our risk exposure?

• Is my organization’s risk posture improving?

• What is our overall maturity level?

• What are our most critical applications and data?

• What is our remediation process?

• Is this impacting revenue?

CIOs and CISOs don’t have datadriven answers to these, due largely in part to the lack of overall visibility across code repositories and application deployments. It is extremely difficult, and typically manual, to correlate and aggregate security testing results.

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