The State of User Engagement in Indonesia 2023

In today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape, brands are vying for users’ attention with every click and scroll. It’s a noisy world, and attention is a rarity.

Great brands stand out from the noise by implementing a well-crafted user engagement strategy such as personalization and omni-channel engagement, that builds a lasting connection with their consumers. Brands that invest in improving their user engagement saw a 67% increase in revenue according to a recent survey.

So, have brands in Indonesia maximized their user engagement strategies?

A study found that 80% of users were more likely to buy something when offered personalized experiences, yet our survey concluded that only 11.2% of the respondents in Indonesia have used advanced personalization

In the State of User Engagement 2023 report, we will examine the challenges that companies in Indonesia face in user engagement. We will learn about the maturity of segmentation and personalization among companies across industries and sizes, and their adoption of AI and other user engagement tools. In the end, you will learn valuable insights and tools that you can use to elevate your user engagement strategy.

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