The importance of Buyer Personas in a Business

Zylker Garments is a clothing store based out of San Francisco, California. It also runs its sales online and sells a range of clothes from different brands inspired by comfort and style. Over the past six months, the company has been noticing its sales trend going south. After much deliberation, the team at Zylker learned that their low sales volume was a result of not paying complete attention to their customers’ requirements, and thus not understanding their needs.

How can this issue be resolved?

The company can create buyer personas for its customers in order to understand their requirements better and thus ensure that they cater to their customers’ needs

In this ebook, we’ll delve into the following topics

• What does the term “buyer persona” mean?

• Why is it important in a business?

• How do you build a buyer persona?

• What role does Zoho CRM play in creating a buyer persona?

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