Ask Ada Gen AI/ML Powered Zero Trust CNAPP to Prevent Modern Day Attacks

Explore how generative AI capabilities allow CNAPP platforms to deliver unified visibility, accelerated detection, and tailored recommendations across complex cloud infrastructure. Accelerate cloud-native security with Ask Ada: One of the first Gen AI/ML based cloud security assistant. Not just another Chatbot. Bridge visibility gaps, eliminate alert fatigue, and fix vulnerability triages. Ask Ada helps with interactive “Zero Trust” security.

This eBook walks you through all the features that come pre-packages with AccuKnox Zero Trust CNAPP integrated GenAI chatbot for intuitive conversational interfaces, comprehensive insights, and automated assistance.

Download the eBook for a complete guide to see how Ask Ada can help you achieve resilient, compliant cloud security at the speed of innovation.

• Challenges of Fragmented Tools

• Unifying Visibility Across Teams

• Simplify Administration with AI Assistance

• Scaling Security Across Multi-Cloud

• Future of Gen AI/ML based Security Tooling

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