Disrupting without Disruption: Payments as a Gateway to Improved Utility Customer Experience

Learn how to improve the utility customer experience through billing and payments.

In this fast-paced digital era, the expectations of consumers—including utility customers—are evolving at an unprecedented rate. However, attempting to constantly keep up with shifting experiential standards is a costly, time-consuming, and nearly impossible task for utilities.

Maintaining a positive customer experience (CX) is key to keeping call volumes down, customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores high, and ensuring customers are willing to make desired actions like signing up for paperless billing and AutoPay. The trick is maintaining CX without having to disrupt daily operations or overly invest organizational resources.

As the face of your CX, optimizing the billing and payment touchpoint is the easiest and most effective way to enhance your utility’s overall experience. In this ebook, we explore:

• Today’s billing and payment expectations

• Why ease of implementation, among other reasons, makes billing and payments the ideal way to improve CX

• How leveraging software as a service (SaaS) tools can enhance CX without disrupting core systems

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