Webinar on demand: Increase your security compliance posture with Logpoint

Compliance is one of the biggest hurdles for any business and is only getting more complex. Regulations such as GDPR, GPG 13, PCI, and many more define how and what data must be stored. Failing to meet regulatory requirements can have catastrophic results for a business, in terms of financial and reputational damage.

Did you know that using a consolidated solution, like Logpoint’s Converged SIEM, can reduce the effort of adhering to and demonstrating regulatory compliance? How? With out-of-the-box compliance reports for audit and management review and automatic detection and response to compliance violations.

Watch our webinar where you will discover how to

• Support all major regulatory domains makes it easy to document and prove compliance.

• Collect and analyze data in one central security platform to determine the root cause of breaches.

• Utilize our out-of-the-box support for all major regulatory domains at a set cost that doesn’t increase with use.

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