Webinar on Demand- Infrastructure and Cloud Security

The security challenge remains the main obstacle hindering organizations from fully realizing their cloud potential. The dynamic and complex nature of cloud environments poses several security challenges, including

• Data breaches in the cloud as a consequence of vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware groups.

• Cloud sprawl can make organizations lose control over the cloud resources due to the wealth of concurrent applications and technologies that need to be managed.

• Cloud settings keep growing as providers add more services over time, making it more difficult to discern suspicious from normal activity. However, if organizations are adhering to robust security practices, the cloud could be a safe haven for data.

Watch our webinar to find out how you can utilize our security operations platform to secure your entire business across clients, servers, network systems, and cloud workloads.

Presenters: Sergio Lozano Álvarez and Adrien Debosschere

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