The Power Of Social Selling

Today, almost every type of business—from food delivery companies to bitcoin exchanges—has a social media presence in order to promote its brands. Social media marketing is no longer a new concept. In fact, a brand that doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or a LinkedIn profile might be seen today as stuck in a previous era!

As these companies leverage modern platforms to reach out to their customers and brand enthusiasts, a new and interesting concept has emerged: businesses using social media not only to spark interest in their products or services across a wide audience, but also to humanize their brand and develop a more meaningful and personal relationship with customers. (This is called social selling)

If you’re looking at implementing social selling for your organization, this book is a good start. Here you’ll learn what social selling is, look at a few examples, understand the challenges involved, and discover the best tools that can be deployed to overcome these challenges and implement social selling effectively.

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